Hi, I'm Elizabeth! Welcome to my site!

I have always focused on the wellness of my body and soul and keeping my body and mind fueled in a healthy and positive way. 

I am a recipe developer, food and lifestyle blogger and a personal chef to an exclusive clientele. Through my work I have developed a reputation for paying unfailing attention to dietary needs and restrictions. I use only clean and organic ingredients to ensure every dish I create is good for you.

Through my personal and work experiences I have created "Wellness Through Food".  My goal is to cook fresh and flavorful food that has nutrional value and health benefits.

The challenge of developing delicious recipes amid these restrictions has pushed me to advance my abilities and creativity. This has given my clientele the opportunity to appreciate and indulge in the finest foods, regardless of their nutritional concerns. 

I hope that you benefit from my “calm cooking” personal philosophy for cooking and creating. I believe the kitchen should be a comfortable and creative space for everyone — my recipes are designed to create a cooking process that is calming while producing exciting and rewarding results.